About Us

Who we are

iRepair.ca started out as a small mail-order business in 2004 in Toronto. Since then we've expanded to the largest Apple Service company in Canada with 8 retail locations specializing in Apple repairs in Ontario and British Columbia. 

How we started

We started out in a small office solely fixing iPods back when they were selling for $700 for a B&W 20GB model. Apple offered no service or support at this time for any kind of repair. iRepair.ca was the first company to offer iPod repair service as well as the first to offer iPhone repair service in Canada. We now have more experience with iPods and iPhones than any other repair facility in the country.

What we do 

We help thousands of people get back what's important to them without breaking the bank and without a long wait. We offer the lowest prices and can fix your broken iPhone or iPod within 24 hours or less. Since we are not an Apple Authorized Service Centre this also allows us to offer Mac repairs up to 40% less than Apple. 

Our team

We take pride in always being one step ahead of the competition. Our creative techs (Certified Electronic Engineers & Certified Apple Technicians) can do some amazing things with electronics and it shows when you have an Apple product repaired at iRepair.ca.